Most couples worry that they "aren't photogenic" which is where I come in. You will feel so comfortable that you can focus on how today is the start to your forever instead of having to wonder what you're supposed to do with your hands. 

romantically Photographing milestone Moments in Central Florida and wherever your love takes us.

Reliving your day, not just chronologically, but emotionally

Wedding packages start at $3,100

You deserve images that capture how your wedding day felt - so you can relive the sparks over and over

I truly believe that wedding photography is done best when couples have a relationship with their photographer and fully trust them. On your wedding day, you shouldn't feel like I'm just another vendor or a stranger following you around. Because of the process I've created, you'll feel like I'm an old friend and pocket cheerleader. This is the biggest aspect of how I capture your photos in a way that bring back the feelings of the exact moments from your day.

Your photographer and Trusted Friend

About Grace Elizabeth

With the right person taking the picture, there's no such thing as unphotogenic. Don't believe me?

Kellie & Lance

"You will not regret hiring Grace. She shows so much love through her work, you will feel comfortable and right at home in front of the camera"


"When I look at my pictures, I not only think they're beautiful, but I remember how I felt that day taking them and that honestly means the world. I didn't expect to leave the session feeling empowered, beautiful, and incredibly thankful."

Whether you want to make it official or would like more information, I'd love to chat!

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