I used to always describe myself as being "un-photogenic".
I was never comfortable in front of a camera and picked apart everything I didn't like about an image. "Is that how I really look?"

But then I realized...no, it wasn't. Forced poses don't result in images that show the twinkle in your eye when you're looking at the person you love most in the world. They don't convey the smile that can only come from a big belly laugh when you're around those who make you feel the most comfortable. 

Those are the moments that I want to preserve. The ones where you can look back at the photo years from now and immediately feel the joy, the calmness, the butterflies, the feeling only love can describe.

When you look at your photos, I want you to see the beauty that the rest of the world sees whey they look at you.

About Grace Elizabeth

I have a dog named Knox

Fun facts about Grace

Cows are my favorite animal

Fun facts about Grace

I love traveling, especially internationally

Fun facts about Grace

I can say the alphabet backwards

Fun facts about Grace

With the right person taking the picture, there's no such thing as unphotogenic. Don't believe me?